Who wants to pay $99 for me to learn more about sustainability?

I found the following on the Cleveland Botanical Gardens web-site:

Register for the 2008 Sustainability Symposium online now or by calling (216) 707-2816.

Join us for Cleveland Botanical Garden’s third annual Sustainability Symposium in partnership with the Nature Center at Shaker Lakes

  • Gain valuable insights from a full day of programs about Lake Erie and its implications for gardeners
  • Take part in an original, information-packed symposium for home gardeners, professional landscapers, and anyone concerned about our impact on the environment
  • Hear how gardening practices have an impact on Lake Erie – both to its benefit and detriment
  • Learn to be a better steward of the land
  • Discover how to incorporate best environmental practices into your personal or business garden and landscaping activities.

If you ask me, it sounds like a fabulously good time, as well as informative.  I tend to love finding any excuse to visit the Botanical Gardens.  What better excuse, than to go learn about how to better co-exist with the environment around you.  The Symposium is $90 for members and $99 for non-members, and the web-site also says that lunch and parking are included.

If you think the cost may be a bit too steep, or just don’t consider yourself enough of an avid gardener don’t forget that Orchid Mania is going on from February 9-March 9.   Our friends got married during the Orchid festival one year and it was absolutely gorgeous!  The Orchids are the perfect way to escape the Winter!

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