Jewelry for the Upcoming Art Shows

So it’s application time for the summer art shows. In addition to my regular job, there’s been quite a bit of additional work lately setting up photo shoots to get slides to send to jury, applications to fill out, cover letters/resumes to tweak, print and send, and lots of stamps bought! I always forget until this time of year what a process it is. I’ve applied to three shows so far, and I think there are three or more in the works I may be doing. The husband is somewhat groaning that he may lose half the weekends of the summer sitting in the hot sun under a white tent. I love doing art shows though. I love meeting customers in person, and talking about the items I loved making. It’s fun to see what items sell (and interesting to see sometimes which ones don’t) In the next month or so I imagine I’ll be posting the schedule for where I will be this summer. I’ll also post some links to shows that are seeking artists for anyone that is interested. Then of course, come summer I’ll post all the shows for anyone who wants to go check out some great art.

For a little preview, here’s a few pieces I have been working on. I’m planning on taking them on the road, though they are already for sale at if you are interested.

Trinity Necklace


Sleek Balance Necklace
Princess Bride Earrings
Princess Bride Necklace

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  1. Great pieces Valerie! I love the Trinity necklace. Best of luck to you at your upcoming shows!

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