Artsy Toys for Kids

I came across an blog article called The School of Design, written by HGTV’s Caren Baginski. I absolutely fell in love with the adorable educational toys she found, that would not only build up kids “smarts” but introduce them to the world or art and design. My favorite of her finds is a young architect’s kit from HearthSong. Definietly check out the blog post at Design Happens for more creative toys!

The article inspired me to go searching for even more educational art and design related toys. Here’s a few I discovered:

Kingmaker Studios has the perfect game for your budding young artists to teach them color theory. Chroma Cube, designed by Shannon Couture, looks like it’s a fabulously fun way for kids to learn about the color wheel, and how various colors mix to form others.


Just in time for Easter, Yaelfran has created an adorable Easter Egg Match game, but instead of cute chicks or bunnies, these eggs are totally mod with funky bold patterns and colors.


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