Art with a new Purpose

If you haven’t heard of zJayne, you haven’t heard of one of my favorite recycling/repurpose artists. What repurpose means is to take a product that had a former life, and give it a new purpose. In zJaynes’ case she takes all sorts of embellishments from jewelry findings, to vintage collage pieces, and other materials and turns them into altered art dolls. zJayne also has an entire line of recycled bags made from–get this—t-shirts! I love that zJayne is giving items a new life and saving them from being part of an already over-burdened trash heap. She proves that old does not equal junk, and a that having good eye combined with technique makes a successful artist.

Here’s my latest favorite Altered Art Doll Assemblage by zJayne called “Madonna Noire” It’s absolutely exquisite!


9 Responses

  1. Thank you SO much…how exciting is this?!! I too am an Art Addict… I find that sharing and supportive artists in all areas of art make such a difference. They empower and inspire. Thank you…super blog!

  2. This is so lovely Jane! The world is happier with your repurposed items!
    They could come with affirmations, like this black Mama could be ~ ‘Blessed am I among Women to Live and Love amidst Light and Shadow’
    You rock Girl! xoxox virginia

  3. Jayne, what beautiful pieces you have. I know allot of thought & love go into your pieces. Good luck to you & may God bless you in your endeavors.


  4. I couldn’t agree more with this article. I own 3 of Zjayne’s dolls so far, each one is amazing. Everytime you look at them you see more. She names them and they come with a certificate of authenticity – (one of a kind)

  5. Jayne, I’m glad the world is finding out about your wonderful repurposed creations. You have always been top in my book for your fantastic works of art!!

  6. Well Jayne, You have come into your own life… I know you had seversal before but this is ‘your own’ enjoy and keep on creating. So pleasing to feel your sucess. Love, your oldest sis. xxxooo

  7. Hey Jane, This is so amazing….you have grown so much in the last year and have created a whole new world for yourself. I am so proud of you!!! Much success to you for the future.
    Love and kisses,
    you sis who is in her 2nd childhood !!!

  8. Hey, thank you for coming over here and leaving your mark and warm words…makes a difference to me and makes me proud too. Much appreciated. I have four sisters and one brother and we all live in different States. That’s not states of mind…oh wait…that’s a good one! ha! Love you all…friends and family.

  9. Jayne, your artistic eye sets your dolls apart from the crowd. I love how you love what you do! Congratulations on each and every success of yours… you are so deserving!

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