Your Household Items Need Internet Friends Too!

Do you have a lonely wineglass? Perhaps a set of forks that need a few spoons to hang out with? Got a dining room table that needs to find a group it fits into? This sounds ridiculous doesn’t it? However, this is the scenario isn’t quite as silly as it initially sounds, and is a bit of a fascinating art and music project that was launched in November of 2007. I first found out about this site on Meredith Cutler’s Blog and had to look into it further.


From ItSpace here’s the lowdown:

“ItSpace creates a network of pages within the social networking site MySpace. Instead of featuring people, the pages feature everyday household objects. Each page has a photo of the object, a description, and most importantly, a 1-minute piece of music composed of recordings of the object being struck and resonated in various ways. All the pages, or objects, are ‘friends’ with each other, so that visitors who discover one object may jump to the others by clicking on the ‘friends’ pictures at the bottom of each page.

You are invited to create new ItSpace pages with pieces made from your own household objects and link those in as ‘friends’ of the original set of objects. You are also invited and encouraged to remix and combine existing objects into new musical compositions.”

Those of you that want to check the experiment out can check out ItSpace

If you’re actually interested in encouraging your own household item to make a little music of it’s own full directions how to sign up are included at ItSpace as well.

This project also has a physical gallery component In December of 2007 the creator of InSpace created a photographic and interactive version on InSpace at The Bridge Public Arts Initiative in Virginia. He has detailed how the exhibit was created at the “Making It” portion of his page.


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