Art for Kids (or the kid in you!)

Did you know that art is one of the critical activities needed for a child’s early brain development? There have been numerous studies that have shown that participation in the arts will increase a child’s development and can lead to improved in performance in other areas.

There is really no substitute for an imagination and the tools around us! Encourage your child to make art out of everything around them–whether it’s a collage of nature materials, or a modern art paint blob masterpiece.

If you child insists on being tech-savvy on the internet direct them toward some sites to spark their creativity. Here are a few ideas:



Arts and Kids

Art Safari from the Museum of Modern Art

Smithsonian for Kids

One Response

  1. Don’t forget to add KidzArt to your list. They’re a children’s art enrichment organization that instructs kids from pre-school to teenage years. Besides after-school or recreation classes, they also offer birthday parties and summer camps. Your kids will thoroughly enjoy the experience.

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