The Ice-Storm Continues….

Since it is apparently to be a never-ending winter, I thought I’d feature some warm and fuzzy accessories today.

It’s a snow day, and though everything is freezing and covered with ice, the little ones will probably want to go out in the snow. Be sure to keep their little fingers warm with these tri-mitts from LazyMama Designs. Tri-mitts? Why three you might ask? Well—for the one they lose of course! No need to fear the inevitable “Momma, I can’t find my other mitten!” when you have a spare.


Of course, you probably want to stay inside all toasty and warm. Why not keep your toes toasty warm too in these pantoufles from la petite libellule. They are hand-knit and felted, and can be suitable for a man, woman, or boy.


Of course if you find you absolutely must go out in the cold. That errand simply cannot wait, keep warm from head to toe…and neck! While this scarflette from LazyTcrochet is practical, it’s simply stylish and lovely at the same time. It’s a gorgeous soft blue hue and made of a blend of soft alpaca wool and acrylic.


Whatever you do today, stay warm! (Hey why not just shop online for all sorts of lovely indie handmade items!)

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  1. With my 2 boys I need those mittens…..they are just too sweet…..

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