From rust belt to the artist belt–what a great idea!

The title of this workshop instantly intrigued me so I had to go check the details out.  According to the Community Partnership for Arts and Culture, On Wednesday May 14 from 8 a.m.  to 5 p.m. you can have the opportunity to spend a day learning from community development professionals about their ideas on how to change our area from rust belt, to a haven for artists.  The event will feature 19 presenters who are already involved in projects designed to attract and assist artists throughout the Midwest.

I’ve long felt and stated as such on this blog, that in order to reverse our population decline and brain drain out city needs to focus on the arts and technology as both our source of strength and an area for potential growth.  It sounds as if this event will touch on similar ideas, as the keynote speaker Jeremy Nowak, will be discussing “how artists can play a critical role in how we redefine industrial communities.”  In addition, practical discussions will be included on the logistics such as marketing and financing, as well as how to even attract more artists to our community.

Embracing artists as a valuable resource to our city  can certainly change the environment in which we live, and beyond merely aesthetic value, provide economical and social benefits as well. Along with an increase in arts often comes a more vibrant, creative and productive community altogether.

If you’d like full details, more information or want to register for the event visit the CPAC web-site.

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