These Mandalas Are So Cool They’re Hot!

“Their stock is rising three times faster than inflation!”

Thus says Rob, the artist behind Playnature Productions. While such wit and humor may not seem the mark of a serious artist, Play Nature is proof that a sense of humor and a serious sense of style and artistic intelligence can actually go hand in hand. Rob, creates Mandalas that are deeply connected and rooted to nature. The artist himself emphasizes how nature moves him, and such emotion is evident in his work. Subjects he has focused on have included many natural elements from pine needles to even mold. (Yes mold, but believe me, in the eyes of this artist it’s beautiful!)

But wait, you may ask, what is a mandala?

According to the artist, mandala is “derived from the root-word manda, which means essence, and the suffix la, meaning container. Mandalas should be thought to hold an essence of both the microcosms in nature and the macrocosms of life.” Additionally he states, “The pattern is meant to be soothing; invigorating; intoxicating.”

Consider the following example-
How wonderful to go from this inspiration:


To this lovely finished work of art:

Super Go Green Mandala
$38.00 from Play Nature Studios

They remind me of looking through the most amazing kaleidoscope ever. I personally love when art is sometimes based off of design and pattern, especially plays on the natural world. You can lose yourself in the intricacies of Mandalas from Play Nature Productions. They take you off into the realm of imagination, away to someplace dreamy and new.

For you math buffs
Birds of a Feather Tessellate Together
$29.00 by Playnature Productions

Visit Playnature Productions, based out of Greater Cleveland, Ohio area for many more lovely and imaginative Mandalas!
Don’t forget though, these are so cool, they’re going to be a pretty hot item!

One Response

  1. Love the Mandelas…they are so soothing …appreciated the definition now that I’ve finally read it thoroughly… no wonder they are like Zen!

    Credit for my Etsy banner and avatar go to the talented playnature Etsy shop as well! Thanks Rob!! You Rock!

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