Marius Watz: Electroplastiques


It’s not every day that you have a chance to experience the work of a renowned artist for free, but when there is that chance you certainly do not want to miss out. Marius Watz, an artist who creates computer generated art is a participating 2008 Artist in Residence at the University of Akron. As part of his residency the following events are open to the public:

Electroplastiques, 3/24/08-4/23/08

Emily Davis Gallery, Folk Hall

Myers School of Art

Public Lecture, Folk Hall Auditorium 3/24/08

Light Up the Night 3/25/07-3/28/07

The outside walls of E.J. Thomas hall will come to life with projected images

3/27/08 E.J. Mix

And lastly check out the big party, following a discussion about “animated life in real and virtual worlds” on March 27 at 7:00 p.m. he will present his work in a free performance along with the DJ performance of the following tek-know artists, who will perform on a 30,000 watt soundsystem:
Truckstop Tourist

There will be refreshments and a cash bar, while you enjoy the live performances along with the stunning visual projections from Marius Watz on the walls of E.J. Thomas Hall.

Check out information from the University of Akron for more details.

One Response

  1. Sounds fun – his work is so vivid, I really like the energy. Lucky you to catch some for free!

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