Tools of the Jewelry Trade: What I use to make my jewelry

There’s literally hundreds of different tools designers use to make their jewelry(and for that matter so many different methods and types of jewelry) I figured I’d share some of the tools I personally use and give a little insight into the process I go through to design jewelry for Valerie Tyler Designs.

It begins with an idea, or a sketch. They can start off as rough scribbles and then get more developed.


One of my favorite tools is my German jewelers saw. I actually love sawing (though it can be tough on the arms at times!) Of course, a lubricant for the laser saw blades (I use laser gold) keeps the blades lasting longer and makes sawing easier.


This is the drill I use to add various size holes to my pieces:


So the beginning of the process entails imagining and sketching my ideas, then getting the raw materials in order by sawing and drilling them. I’ll post more tomorrow on the detailing and finishing aspects. (By the way, don’t you love how I photograph from creative angles so you don’t see all the scrap metal pieces, dust, wax, metal shavings, tools and bits of sandpaper that are all over the table!)

2 Responses

  1. Nice…with a teaser ending to draw readers back!

  2. i miss jewelry making. i only did a little in college. i prefer a softer medium 🙂

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