Rising Artist Interview: HQ Designs

Helen Quinn is a designer I was introduced to when she purchased a necklace and earrings from me on Etsy.  It was really quite an honor actually, because she herself is a jewelry designer and an extraordinary one at that.  I quickly fell in love with her designs because they are sleek, modern and fabulously sleek!

So of course I had to interview her for Art Addict, and here’s what she had to say.

What is the name of your business?
hq design.

When did you begin it and what was your original inspiration?

The jewelry making began with a 1 year jewelry manufacturing course which I thought I’d try because I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life and ended up absolutely loving it. I had worked for various people but loved the idea of being able to make limited amounts of my owns jewellery. There is a lot of uncertainty involved with setting up by yourself but the rewards are worth it

How do you seek out ideas for your designs?

Inspiration comes from all over – I usually like to sketch for a bit and see what I come up with and go from there to the bench and see what happens.

As you have progressed what have you felt to be rewarding and what has been challenging?

The rewarding would probably be designing and seeing a piece through to completion & then having people enjoying wearing something I’ve created.
On the challenging side of things, it’d probably have to be the business and sales side of things, it’s stepping out of my comfort zone!

Are there any must-haves that you can’t run your business without?

I find supportive family, friends & boyfriend are essential – always willing to help!

Outside of jewelry what intrigues you?

Well there’s numerous things, I’m a huge architecture fan from ancient ruins to new buildings. Besides that all kinds of art in general, photography, fashion & beauty in unexpected places.

What are your hopes for the future?

Eventually I’d like to be designing and creating full time, while continuing to learn more about jewelry different techniques.

Large Art Deco Earrings

Large Art Deco Earrings, $157.00

Visit and see more at HQ Design

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