Cool Parents, Cool Babies

So I don’t have kids yet, but I was browsing trying to find something for my cousin, who is having a baby. There’s just so much stuff that’s way to…..well, BORING. It tool quite a bit of searching to find the right thing to buy. In all the searching though I found a shop that simply **needs** to be around when I have kids. For all you hip rocker/punk parents, who believe that having kids does not have to mean losing a sense of style or individuality I found the shop for you.

Punk Rock Ska Baby Boy Kit, $38.00

The online shop you simply must visit is called lowleepop. Beginning in NYC in 2006, mom and dad Robyn and Rob, created a combination of rock and roll attitude with “edgy” style. They’ve continued today creating fabulously cool little outfits at very reasonable prices. You’ll wish you could wear this stuff!

Punk Rock Baby Rockstar Kit, $25.00

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  1. Cool baby cloth.

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