Interior Design VS. Fashion Design

I was able to curate an Etsy Treasury today, and I’m really thinking this one could be Front Page material.  With the date we take possession of our new house only one week away, I decided to go with the theme of interior design versus fashion design.  Being budget (and also “stuff” concious) it’s always a dilemma whether to invest in goods for the home, or goods for the body.  Take a look at these lovely items and you might see why.

Interior Design VS. Fashion Design

4 Responses

  1. Very nice treasury. I definitely think it’s FP material.

  2. that is very, very lovely!

  3. This is definately front page worthy! Beautiful! You’ve got a great eye. I hearted that jane’s obsession brooch and then came to notice it sold right away… well put together! You rock!


  4. So nice! Hope it made the Fp!!!

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