The Creation of my Jewelry Design Studio (Part 1)

Well, the move is over—though there is a ton to unpack, organize, build and clean still.  I finally have a dedicated design space.  As you can see it’s pretty empty right now.

I’m planning on making it an organized and functional space, yet lovely and inspiring at the same time. I’m using a black and cream damask pattern for inspiration.  The pattern is on a variety of boxes I am going to use for storage. The studio eventually will have a damask/rococco look.   I think my favorite piece will be two black floating shelves with a raised damask pattern on the wood that will store my myriad of supply organizers. 

Inspired Design!

One of the best parts of the studio room is the view:

From TWO windows!

Such an inspiring view!

Of course, it’s going to be a lot of work to complete as evidenced by the beginning of the mess I’ve stowed away in the closet for now.  (Keep in mind—there’s a lot of stuff in the garage, basement, etc..that HASN’T been stowed up here yet!) It’s all going to need to put in organized bins, hung or placed in the appropriate place on my work table, and cleaned up!

What a mess!

The big chore will be to bring my work table/bench up from the garage.  It’s actually an incredibly sturdy old teacher’s desk that’s in fabulous shape.  It was given to me as a gift, and saved me a TON of money I would have had to spend on a new workbench.  Yet, it’s incredibly strong, durable and sturdy and has tons of work space. It’s going to have to be somewhat disassembled to get up the stairs though and is awfully heavy!

Work bench (back)

Keep posted as I plan on documenting the transition of this space from empty room to a lovely (hopefully!) design studio and workspace.  I’ll be documenting the construction and decoration of it as I go along.