Sing Little Bluebird

So we went hiking the other day, and by hiking I mean we meandered through our backyard, through the commons area and right into the forest.  When we moved, I thought the one thing I would miss would be the couple of minutes walk to Lake Erie.  I must say though, that while that walk was nice, this one is fabulous in comparison.

I love having nature right in my backyard now (though the wild nature all over my front yard is a bit of work!).  I was sitting in my office on the comptuer, with the windows wide open hearing the menagerie of birds we have in our yard chirping away and I came across this darling bird puppet made by CurlyGirlCrochet and I could just picture a child playing with it and imagining and imitating the very same sounds I was hearing outside my window.

I had to share, as it’s absolutely darling.  I can just picture my students cooing over it as they love things that have character and allow them to use their imagination.  It’s handmade, and not mass-produced, so it would make a sweet gift for a child to cherish.

Bluebird Finger Puppet, $6.00