You’ll go Bananas for This Shop

In my search for all things recycled, renewed, and repurposed I came across the shop  CopaBananas. (Anyone else singing…”At the Copa”…….? la da di dah dah)  The shop artist, Claire has a love of textiles and a good sense of how to give some items new life.  What first caught my eye were her gLove story dolls (from poor lonely gloves!)  She takes those lost lonely gloves; you know the ones hanging around with no friends, that usually get tossed in the trash, and then turns them into adorable dolls!  Her shop has so much more though too from repurposed books, to sock monkeys, bags, purses and these adorable birds.  (and ummm.. and even voodoo dolls?!?!)  I had a blast checking out her delightful shop.

gLove Dolls by Copabananas

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  1. Thanks Valerie!!!

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