Just What the Heck is Etsy

I’ve realized that so often I’ve blogged about sellers on Etsy, and treasuries on Etsy and have assumed that everyone just knows what Etsy is. However, that may not be the case. So if you were one of those people who has read this blog and scratched your head with question I thought I’d fill you in a bit.

Etsy was launched in 2005 as a web-site for the buying and selling of handmade items. In addition, it also includes some vintage and commercial craft and art supplies. It’s somewhat of an alternative to Ebay. Today the site includes thousands of sellers and even far more buyers. For those looking for goods made by individuals and not corporations it’s a fabulous place to search for something unique. Handmade items that can be found on Etsy include jewelry, clothing, handbags, toys, accessories, home decor, furniture, art, paper goods, linens, pottery and even edibles and some plants.

On Etsy, individual sellers maintain their own little (and some not so little) storefronts. They list items for sale, include descriptions and photographs. Buyers may then select the items they’d like for purchase. Paypal is most commonly used, though some sellers will occasionally accept other forms of payment.

There’s lots of other features on the site including treasuries in which etsy members showcase items of sellers they like, gift guides of items picked by the etsy admin, and pounce which will show items that have been sold or new items, and ways to search such as by color and location.

Those of you reading this from my local Cleveland may wish to check out the Shop Local feature and see what sellers in your area are creating. Anyone throughout the world may use this feature simply by typing in their location and finding the last 100 listings in their area.

I consider it to be part art gallery, part shopping mall, and partly a place to chat with other local artists (Cleveland Handmade, which I belong to participates in what is known as an Etsy Team and frequently chit chats on a forum)

(p.s. If you’re looking for my personal shop visit http://www.valerietyler.etsy.com)

If you’re a fan at all of unique items, independent artists or wish to support small businesses check it out and discover the thousands of people who are members of Etsy.

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