The letter “v” brought to you by…..

I’m honored to say that my Earth Abacus necklace was mentioned on Kimberly Monaco’s blog as one of her A to Z favorites.  If you don’t know what that is, it’s an ongoing series she has written in which each week she highlights items or shops that begin with a letter of the alphabet.  Thanks Kimberly for picking Valerie Tyler Designs for letter V.  ( I feel like I’m on a fabulous episode of Sesame Street now!)

Here’s a photo of her press about my Earth Abacus.

Visit Kimberly Monaco’s blog to find out more about her favorites, read her witty commentary and check out her art.

The Earth Abacus Necklace is currently for sale in my etsy shop at

One Response

  1. Valerie, your work is just beautiful!! Of COURSE it’s a favorite!! I’m sorry I didn’t “warn” you about the blog post… I usually do…. I hope it was a “nice” surprise! Thank you for the kind words about my little grandbug too. I really appreciate it.

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