Ooh, another Jewelry feature. This is my lucky week!

This is just a week to bring a smile to my face I guess.  I discovered that I had a piece of jewelry blogged about by another Clevelander (well, she’s close enough to Cleveland).

My Glam Punk Necklace (pictured below) was blogged about by crochet and knitting extraordinaire LazyTCrochet

It’s an honor, as she herself is a fabulous designer. As the season gets cooler it’s a perfect time to check out her shop.  She’s got some wonderful warm items that are just lovely such as her Wooly Bear Scarflette (Click the photo to see her shop)

2 Responses

  1. Thanks Valerie! I love the Glam Punk Necklace!

  2. That’s wonderful Valerie!
    I love both your piece & hers- I’ll go check out her shop!
    The photo are fantastic, too!

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