Cleveland’s Sustainability Ranking on the Increase

This is slightly old news but in a study by Sustainlane (a web guide to sustained living) Cleveland rose form a 28th place ranking (out of 50) in sustainability in 2006 to a 2008 ranking of 16.  That’s a pretty good gain!

Some of the high points that contributed to Cleveland’s improved score include our 2nd place ranking for sustainability in local food and agriculture.  Which is not surprising because as of the time of the rankings, Cleveland had 225 Community gardens and 25 for profit farms.  We also ranked first interms of our water supply and congestion.  We’re also considered a leader in forming a green economy (as evidenced by our 8th place ranking) which was based on factors such as the number of green buildings (LEED), incubators for clean energy technology, and of course those farmers markets again.

We didn’t rank so well in areas such as energy and climate change policy nor solid waste diversion.  I’m not surprised considering I think I wasted more energy on gas trying to take my recyclables to our ALWAYS FULL drop off center in my community and have not been able to drop them off.  (As in, they never pick up the recyclables…ever…)

You can check out the overall rankings at Sustainlane (as well as see their methodology for the study)

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