Ghost Ride

I have to confess, I don’t ride my bike much.  Ever since taking a particularly nasty tumble on the towpath trail which almost dumped me into the Cuyahoga River and left me limping, dragging my bike and knees bleeding to Peninsula I’m a bit of a chicken.

So I have so much respect for those who ride their bike for pleasure, and even moreso ride their bike to conserve energy, save gas and cause less pain to our environment.  Very cool folks!

For those of you who aren’t silly, bug chickens afraid of a little ol’ bicycle such as myself you should seriously check out the Ohio CIty Bicycyle Co-op.  It’s this volunteer-based non-profit that offers bicycle education and whose purpose is to increase bicycle usage. They conduct social rides all year long (in any weather!) on Saturdays at 10 a.m.

There’s a pretty special ride coming up on October 25th–this time at 6pm.  For s auggested $20 donation, join to co-op on it’s 7th annual ghost ride through the flats, and then meet up for a chili and potluck dinner afterwards (the vegan chili sounds yummy!!!)

Want more info?

Ohio City Bicycle Co-op – (216)830-2667 –

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