Gothic Gathering Halloween Party

So yes, I’ve been now planning a Halloween party for about two months.  Why I don’t know.  Halloween is fun and all, though it hasn’t been a pressing, major thing in my life ever.  However, since we bought the new house I’ve wanted to throw a major shebang….and since we live in the spooky woods and all I really thought Halloween would be perfect.  (Not only that, it’s really a holday any one can celebrate–not matter their religion, persuasion, you name it…)

So for the last few weeks, I’ve been on decorating overdrive.  Though I must confess, for a supposed “art addict” I really haven’t been the best with hands on creations for this party.  I haven’t managed to create a self-playing piano, my bathrooms do not emanate with the famous “shower scene”, my ghost is as my husband calls it “umm…yeah, there’s a white trash bag hanging in the trees”, and my tombstones were all store bought.  Though I do think design-wise there is a certain ambience coming together.

I’ve been going for a gothic theme—not Hot Topic/Depeche Mode Gothic but old-fashoned gothic literature.  Think,  Edgar Allen Poe, Mary Shelly Frankenstein gothic.  So of course, red lights, simple skulls, ravens and gargoyles are the main idea instead of shocking gore.

Here’s a few teasers photos of the decorating so far.

Our Eerie Kitchen Lights

One of the Vignettes in the basement

The Raven in the Library….”Quoth the Raven…………….”

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