Halloween Party Aftermath

Gargoyle that is finicky about turning on, $40.00

Skeleton that talks, $19.99

Giant fuzzy spider, $9.99

Black and White horror movie DVD $3.49

10 gravestones $1.00 and up

Sticky blood for windows $1.99 each

10 red light bulbs @ $2.49 each

6 blacklight bulbs @ $1.00 each

bags and bags of spider web, 89 cents each

Stocked bar, $150.00

Countless other decorations that took 2 months to collect and two weeks to put up…..you don’t even want to know$$

Friends in funny costumes, volunteers willing to drink “bloody beer”, people who act like frankenstein, talk like a vampire or eat a “poison apple”; reading edgar allen poetry by the fire, those who stoke a bonfire all night, not having to count costume contest votes myself, Dj’s who play scary records, people who clean up after themselves, halloween dares, and fifty guests who had fun…..priceless.

Husband doing the dishes next day and vacuuming—-even MORE priceless.

See ya next year!

2 Responses

  1. Wow I want to come to your house for Halloween……better start working on my costume now though!!!

  2. […] games to really take pictures of the cool stuff like I should have, but you get a general idea. Halloween Party Aftermath Eco-Art Addict Gothic Gathering Halloween Party Eco-Art […]

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