Eat Local this Holiday Season (and ALL YEAR long)


As I’ve said before, if you shop local you help your local economy and you help the environment. This holiday season, take that a step further and EAT local. Cleveland is lucky to have a coalition of sorts known as the Cleveland Independents. What it is, is a group of independently owned restaurants in Northeast Ohio who work together to promote other like minded restaurants. What they do is maintain an excellent web-site where you can discover what Cleveland restaurants are independently owned and managed (meaning: not national chains!), and also find out plenty of exciting news and events about these restaurants. You can order gift certificates and make reservations online for many of them as well.

Now being a self-professed total foodie, I’ve eaten at quite a few of these restaurants and have come to learn and recognize a few things.
1. They often use local resources and ingredients meaning the food is often fresher.
2. Many are even striving to use more organic ingredients nowadays (bonus!)
3. Many have some really innovative and award winning menus (or in the Great Lakes Brewing Company’s case—award winning brews)

Visit to explore many tasty choices you could make this weekend (or maybe even tonight!)

Special Note: November 9-14 is Cleveland Restaurant Week and many of the restaurants are offering special pricing on three course, prix fixe meals right now. (ooohh…another bonus!)

2 Responses

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  2. I have boycotted national chains in favor of local eateries that serve real food. Nice one!

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