My Very First Christmas Tree

Yesterday the hubby and I went shopping for our very first Christmas Tree.  Shortly after, we towed an 8 foot big, bushy tree home that I believe is a Scotch Pine.

Hard to believe, that since I’ve been a grown up out of my childhood home, I haven’t had a “real” Christmas Tree yet.  (Though last year, the hubby was a darling and decorated a tiny little rosemary tree)

We had a grand old time decorating it, and taking about a million pictures though.   Pictures coming soon…..


In search of the Perfect Stocking Stuffer

Once upon a time, one of the fun parts of holiday giving (and receiving) was the fun little items found stuffed inside one’s stocking.  They might have been funny, they might have been whimsical, they may have been cute.

Despite our current tumultuous economy, there is no reason finding perfect stocking stuffers can’t still be on the holiday giving agenda.  One of the best parts about stocking stuffers, is that with enough creativity or style—they don’t have to be expensive.

So in the days leading to Christmas, I thought I’d embark on a hunt to find some nifty items perefectly sized to slide right into those stockings.

First up are the super stylish magnets from The Green Daisy (a.k.a Kimiko611)  You can find any number of designs in The Green Daisy shop; be it retro, kitschy, or cute.  There is currently a line of holiday magnets just in time for the gift season such as the  “Merry Christmas” and “Let it Snow” sets below.  Better yet, most magnets in the shop are priced between $4.00 to $6.00 so they won’t break the bank.


Merry Christmas Magnets


Let it Snow Magnets