Simple. Simple. Simple Ways to be a Bit Greener this Winter.

I’ve found that the things you can do to be a little more ecoglogically responsible are not exactly hard, it just takes remembering to do them and working them into the daily routine.

Here’s a few ideas that can help make a positive impact, with little effort and just a bit of practicing in the day to day.

1.  Open and close those curtains.  Open them wide during the day to let in the sun(what little there may be) and let that natural energy warm to room.  Close them in the evening to cut down drafts.

2.  Invest in a doormat and use it.  It may sound silly, but wiping your feet as you enter your home keeps you from tracking in countless particles of dirt, dust and germs.   That means less use of chemicals to clean the home, less power used running the vacuum cleaner, and a healthier and cleaner home!

3.  UNPLUG!    You may be tempted to leave those Christmas tree lights on 24-7, but consider this as well; any appliance that has a standby or light up display uses energy even when you are not using them (example:  computers and DVD players and video game systems)  Plug these items into a power strip that can be turned on when you want to use them.  It may be only pennies worth of savings, but as you take into account the numerous gadgets that are plugged in needlessly wasting energy, the savings can add up.

4.  When it’s time to clean up after all those holiday parties, look into organic cleaning products. They’re often cheaper than conventional cleaning items, and far less harmful to both the environment and your health.   A few things to check out are the cleaning properties of vinegar, baking soda and lemon.

5.  Instead of wasting water rinsing off dishes, scrape them clean first.

6.  Lower the thermostat or get a programmable one–and just put on a sweater!

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