Happy New Year: Some of the Funny Reasons People Visited Art Addict Last Year

So one of the great things about being a blog admin is being able to see the search terms that lead people to the blog.   While many search terms make perfect sense such as “Clifton Arts and Musicfest”, “Valerie Tyler Designs”, “Cleveland Handmade”  other searches make me just throw back myhead and laugh a bit.

In no particular order, here’s some of the search terms that either made me laugh, or scratch my head a bit wondering how they ever lead to this blog:

cleveland oh area wet t shirt contests (And how exactly is this relevant?)

flashdance clothing

I want to sell my andrew wyeth!

my senses are heightened hungover

vintage paper clips (I doubt they’d be worth much.)

bowling joke

card design hippie

flask purse (Now there’s an invention idea.)

earflap hat


street signs

recycled tire doormat beads (Have you found any yet?  I might be interested.)

artist burning boat (Goodness, I hope not.  I love boats.)

english tea party

penguin invitations

plastic sign

yippee license plate (Joy over the license bureau…were you feeling o.k. that day?)

Business cards architect

where can i find reasonable priced home

what do you call artsy and indie people (ummm…”artsy and indie people.”)

ancient toothbrush art

punk babies (RAWK!)

antimall (Well, at least hoping for more unique shopping venues.)

I’m sure Playnature Productions would be happy to know there were also 343 searches for Mandalas that landed here. Apparently my feature on his work was a big hit.

Thanks for having Art Addict (Now Eco-Loving Art Addict) as part of your reading list. If there have been particular features you’ve enjoyed, have ideas for coverage you would like to see, or any suggestions for the New Year please do comment—as I take all your thoughts into consideration.  (As long as you don’t link my site to porn or spam!  Then you get the spam and delete buttons baby!)


Bazaar Bizarre Cleveland Revisited: Some Photo Memories

Finally got around to taking a look at the photos I uploaded from the Cleveland Bazaar Bizarre.  So for your viewing pleasure without further adieu, here they are:

house-chistmas-tree-etc-155Shannon, Show organizer, wo-maning the Stitch Cleveland booth

house-chistmas-tree-etc-152Cleveland Handmade members Leah, Stacie, Erika and Rob

house-chistmas-tree-etc-159The lovely and charming Ramona. (Who is very talented!)

house-chistmas-tree-etc-154Gina DeSantis and her very cool ceramics

house-chistmas-tree-etc-157Amber, of Beautiful Era

house-chistmas-tree-etc-171Busy shoppers, and lots of unique items