Another Etsy Insider Tip: ‘Pounce’ on Great Deals

Etsy is getting pretty popular these days as an excellent alternative to malls, to big box stores, and to mass produced goods.  I’ve introduced Etsy in the past, but if you’re new to this blog why not read my past post on just what the heck Etsy is. You can also see how shopping locally on Etsy can benefit your local economy.

Today I just want to tell you about a feature on Etsy for buyers that’s simply FUN!

There are  lots of nifty features to Etsy that buyers and sellers can spend hours exploring but one of the most addictive perhaps is the feature known as “Pounce”.  Pounce allows visitors to check out shops on Etsy in two different ways.

To begin, scroll down to the bottom right corner of the Etsy Front page and look for the word “Pounce” under the Explore section:

pounce2Click on that and you’ll be led to a screen that looks like this:

pounce-copyYou’ll notice you now have two options of ways to discover some interesting Etsy shops.  Click on the left and you can discover some brand new shops.  Think of this as like going to the grand opening of a brand new store or art gallery premier.  Often you’ll find great deals, goregeous new items and be introduced to new up and coming artists!  You’ll have the option of clicking how many new shops you want to see at any given time, and can refresh the page to discover even more.

Click on the right and you can discover shops that have just had a sale.  If you’re looking to spot the latest trends or find out what’s selling, this is a great way to do so.  It’s an excellent way to check out lots of hot shops at one time.

Be carfeul though, because Pounce has been known to be addictive!   Enjoy!

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