Earth Friendly Green

“Green” can be so much more than a mere color.  If you read Eco Art Addict regularly, you know that green also can be a state of mind entailing a respect for our earth and nature. I wanted to take some time today, to spotlight some items that not only showcase  a lovely palette of green hues, but are either organic or recycled as well, and therefore earth friendly.



1.  Herban Lifestyle Gift Set, $48.00 from herbanlifestyle

2.  Vintage Alice in Wonderland Whitewash Bracelet, $13.00 from Firebirdhouse

3.  The World’s Gone Green Bracelet, $32.00 by Lake Erie Beach Glass

4.  Triple Turbines Organic Cotton T, $24.00 by Feralgirl

5 Responses

  1. As a subscriber, I read your blog regularly. But, today I wanted to drop in and actually let you know that I appreciate your perspective and all the energy you give to your blog. Thank you, Valerie!
    Being green is important to me too!

  2. Thank you so much for including my gift set along with these other beautiful, eco-chic items. Wonderful blog!

  3. […] I was featured in the Eco Art Addict blog along with three other EtsyTwitterTeam members who make eco-chic […]

  4. It just feels good to be green:)

  5. my idea of eco-art is that you don’t make any stuff,
    You could check out Andy Goldsworthy on youtube for another take on eco-art.
    Or, my own blog at http://www.escapelot.
    and take a walk with Janey.

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