Birds, Butterflies and Bees—Oh My!

Spring is on it’s way and with it comes the chirping of the birds, the flutter of butterflies and the buzzing of bees amongst the lovely new blooms of flowers. Here’s a showcase of Spring jewelry that pays homage to the gorgeous birth of Spring. sprinjewelry
The items can be found in the following shops:

1. Landing on Water Necklace, $25.00 by fleurfatale
2. In the Garden Necklace, $42.00 by virtuallori
3. Bee Charmer Earrings,  $14.00 by Lillyella.
4. Flower and Butterfly Necklace, $34by fleurfatale
5. Alight Necklace, $145.00 by Smashing
6. Skye Flower Earrings, $14.00 By Valerie Tyler Retro Collection
(that’s me!)
7. Flora Earrings, $18.00 by fleurfatale
8. Lilac Orchids Flower Earrings, $12.50 by Valerie Tyler Retro Collection
9. Garden Flutter Necklace, $22.00 by Lillyella
10. Climbing Clematis Necklace, $57.00 by Valerie Tyler Designs (That’s my shop!)
11. Patina Copper Flower Necklace, $39.00 by Novadesigns
12. Columbine Necklace, $95.00 by Kathryn Cole Jewelry

2 Responses

  1. So lovely and so welcoming of spring too! Beautiful blogging, as always.

  2. So, so pretty! Thank you for including my In the Garden necklace.

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