Organic Gardening

It’s planting time!  Before you grab the pesticide and fertilizers though consider using some of these organic gardening tips to help you grow healthy gardens for food and beauty without chemicals

1.  One of the best ways to  take care of a garden is to rotate crops yearly.  This prevents build ups of diseases, helps prevent the attraction of many pests, and keeps you from depleting the soil of certain nutrients. For example leafy vegetables like spinach, broccoli and cabbage really love nitrogen from soil, which can cause the soil to be depleted of nitrogen if they are planted in the same place year after year.  Conversly, legumes like nuts acutally release nitrogen into the soil.

2. Sterilize your soil before planting. has a simple and easy to understand write-up with directions and tips how to do this.  Soil sterilization can help kill harmful bacteria and diseaases.

3.  Definitely make your own compost.  It will provide you eventually with rich soil and keep organic waste from taking up landfill space.   You can get pretty specific when composting and build or purchase your own composting bin and pay attention to things such as aeration, temperature and ratio of materials.  Put simply though, you can have something as basic as a pile of organic waste tucked away in a corner of your yard.  It’s key to be sure to mix brown yard waste such as leaves and twigs with green yard waste such as grass and plant clippings to aid decomposition and to turn the pile regularly to aerate it.

4.  Use organic pesticides and attract beneficial insects such as ladybugs and praying mantis to your garden, that will prey on more harmful insects. The following link has a few natural recipes that you can create using things you probably can even find in your kitchen.

Other Resources:

How To Compost

Wikipedia On Organic Farming

Earth Easy Natural Pest Control


You can get your organic garden started with heirloom seed such as ones from Seven Acre Woods to grow lovely blue forget me nots:


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