Today is Etsy Day!


In today’s crazy economy,  a lot of people are pretty careful about where they put their money.  More and more people are turning to Etsy to find goods that are handmade, quality and where the purchase of these items supports the individuals who make them versus corporations, thus making it more likely that the money goes right back into the economy.

To help spread the word a group of Etsy Sellers banded together and designated TODAY as Etsy Day, and the day spread throughout the entire community.  What is Etsy?  You can visit one of my very first posts on Etsy to find out more of just visit yourself and have a look around. There’s much to discover.

There’s lots of nifty ways to shop shuch as Shop Local and Pounce and customer service from most Etsy sellers is top notch!

2 Responses

  1. Great posting, I love stopping by!

  2. I am totally ADDICTED to Etsy! I have found so many great handmade items. I am an avid buyer & seller!

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