En”lightened” Organic Art

Incandescent bulbs may be a thing of the past by 2012 due to a congressional mandate, and compact flourescents are poised to replace them.  One artist however, is making sure that all those old incandescent bulbs aren’t just forgotten and thrown in the trash though.

SteamedGlass by Tim Witteveen, breathes new life into incandescent bulbs. Perhaps one of the most elaborate creations from this artist is “Professor Alexander’s Botanical Vasculum”  You simply must visit the shop to read Tim’s creative (and historic!) description of this organic work of art.  It’s an incredibly detailed work with an adjustable magnifying glass, and even a solar powered LED bulb.


Professor Alexander’s Botanical Vasculum, $150

I am completely charmed by these unique works of art!  While they are completely stunning, even more wonderful is the fact that Tim has taken recycled art to another level, and also incoporates actual living organic material inside!

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  1. Hi Valerie,

    Thought you might be interested in the temporary sculpture the Cleveland Museum of Art is building on the lawn near the East Wing for its June 20 Summer Solstice Party that will unveil the new East Wing of the Museum. Wood-Pile, designed by 2006 Cleveland Institute of Art graduate Mark Reigelman, will be comprised of 18,270 recyclable pool noodles .

    Read more here (there’s a contest too): http://summerofcma.wordpress.com/2009/06/11/noodle-vision-contest-win-solstice-tickets-and-a-free-cma-membership/

  2. Love your Blog, very interesting stuff here. Nice to see an Organic theme! I;m going to list your blog on mine!
    My art site is…www.theorganicartist.com
    Just a happy hippy from Malibu!
    Luvs, Deb

  3. I’m doing some research before entering a competition to produce some art work to go in an organic eating place. I like Professor Alexander’s Botanical Vasculum very much. The care with which it was made is obvious and endearing. My work will probably be Digital Photograph based. Visit some of my work on Can I have your permission to list your blog on my site? Contact by email

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