How the Roses Finally Bloomed

So at the beginning of Spring my husband and I bought a new rose bush for our front garden.  Mind you, we did this knowing full well that deer love to run all around our property.  Somehow I think I thought the semi-deer-resistant lilies might hide the roses, or the fact that the roses were in the front yard near the street might be a deterrant.  Yeah, right.

We had five roses ready to bloom.  Then just as they were about to bloom—-chomp! chomp! chomp!  (This should not have come as a surprise to us)

Needless to say, we’re not big on chemical deterrants, and prefer humane deterrants.  I really don’t mind if the deer eat half our yard, but I wanted just one sweet, gorgeous plant to myself.

My husband went ahead and ordered what is known as The Scarecrow, which is actually a heat and motion activate sprinkler.  If it senses an animal nearby it goes off with a loud whoosh of sound and sprays about 2-3 cups of water.   What we discovered is that not only does this keep animals away from the garden, but it gives it a nice watering every now and then too.  Since then the deer only managed to chomp one bloom, and then I think they learned their lesson.

Here’s my lovely roses now!

jewlery 001jewlery 002