Halloween Countdown

I will admit I am a bit crazy about Halloween. This year while other people watched fireworks on the fourth of July I was researching ideas for my haunted speakeasy theme. I think perhaps obsession with decorating for it partly may be because the first time I ever decorated for Halloween was right before my father passed away and one of the last “art” like things he got to see me do. It may also be because I can bring together any friends of any race, persuasion, religion and they can still take part in the festivities in some way. Whether it’s the day of the dead, all souls day, or just a random day of debauchery, no one has to be left out.
I got some work done early this year and even managed to be inspired enough to put some holiday items into my jewelry shop
scaredy cat

So now I just anxiously wait for Marc’s to get their Halloween decor out, try to determine how soon it is to set things up, and ponder how I may set up early without the new kittens destroying it all.

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