Sunday Sustainability Tip

As winter fast approaches you may be tempted to turn up that heating dial on your thermostat, however don’t forget that with almost 50 percent of your household energy consumption being used for heating and hot water, those few degrees can make a difference, not to mention a dent in your pocket book. If you want to save energy and money, try to decrease the temperature you set your thermostat all winter, or better yet buy a programmable thermostat! You can save about 1% of your heating costs for every degree you turn your heating down.

You could always bundle up in these wonderful handmade items from Etsy sellers for extra warmth!

Sage Gray Faux Fur Scarf, from LazyTCrochet, $15.00

Artisanal Wet Felted, hand-dyed wool scarf by knitgrrl, $32.00

Felted Wool Knit Belted Poncho Top by Sandmaiden$99

2 Responses

  1. that first scarf looks sooooo soft

  2. The second one is soft, too! I have proof — come to the Cleveland Handmade market at the Screw Factory… 😉 thanks for the shoutout, Valerie!

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