Countdown to the New Year with Cleveland Handmade: Vintage Brooch Co.

It’s one of the busiest times of the year, with celebrations and parties, gatherings and gift-giving. This year Cleveland Handmade has geared up to showcase a variety of handmade goods for giving by stocking shops on etsy and throwing three handmade markets. I thought I’d showcase a seller each day all the way up until the New Year to let you know all the gorgeous goods available.

The countdown continues today with The Vintage Brooch Company. While I normally would say seller, I think of Mary as the proprietress of this company as her work has a marvelous classic vintage feel. (She also happens to be the queen of animal print in her personal life) She breathes new life into antique and vintage jewelry parts and makes them come alive again.

Wine Register Key Necklace, $34

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