Sunday Sustainability Tip: Never Throw Out Glass

Did you know that glass can be recycled over and over again?

Making new glass uses lots of various raw products such as sand, limestone, feldspar not to mention heat and energy to produce products from it.

Recycled glass doesn’t use all the raw materials, and it melts at a lower temperature saving energy costs.
So next time before you go to pitch that glass bottle in the wastebasket, or toss broken shards in the trash toss them into the recycling bin instead.

Recycled Stemless Wine Glasses by Bodhicitta



Yes, I am shouting in my title. Why? I am shouting because I’m excited to tell you I’m having a major end of season clearance sale.

A HUGE thank you to everyone who came out to support me at shows this year. I especially had a lovely time at Bazaar Bizarre and the Cleveland Handmade markets the past couple of weekends.

However, inventory time is fast approaching and I’d like to have as little to count as possible, so I’m offering some pretty big discounts in an end of season clearance sale. Visit my clearance section to get deals from 25% off to as much as 75% off original jewelry prices.

Thanks for a great year! See you in 2010!

Good Fortune Necklace
Regularly $29 on sale for $19.50!

Countdown to the New Year with Cleveland Handmade: Daniels Beads

I was a bit lax last week with my Cleveland Handmade countdown. (As a teacher, the last week before the holidays is so incredibly hectic!)

I thought I’d resume coverage of the wonderful art and craft available from Cleveland Handmade by showcasing the glasswork of Daniel Echeverry aka Danielsbeads on Etsy.

Small world it is, I actually met Daniel at a party of a friend and only then came to discover his work. He’s a highly talented glass artist who creates stunning lampwork beads.

Boro Lampwork Bead Set $24.99