Countdown to the New Year with Cleveland Handmade: bjwCREATIVE

The Cleveland Handmade Countdown to the New Year continues today with bjwCREATIVE. JukeboxART is Brooke Witt’s own personal line of illustrations and photography inspired by music. In her own words “It is the blend of visual stimulation and audible references that trigger an emotional connection to a love, a memory or a sweet place in time.”

I decided to feature her print “The Best Thing you Ever Had” which was inspired by Radiohead, since it happens to be one of my favorite bands.

The Best Thing You Ever Had, $18


Natural Christmas Centerpiece

If you are a regular reader you may remember me mentioning that I live right near a national park. I have gorgeous evergreen trees all over my backyard. Due to this I have a large supply of evergreen branches strewn about my property as well as pinecones. This year I thought I’d bring a bit of that gorgeous nature indoors for my dining table centerpiece.

I used a large birdcage, which was remnant from our wedding. (It was our card holder) and two second-hand vintage birdcages previously used as part of my Halloween party decor. A simple bold red runner provides bright and festive color. Inside the bird cages I arranged a variety of evergreen branches, pinecones, twigs, moss and red berries.