Natural Christmas Centerpiece

If you are a regular reader you may remember me mentioning that I live right near a national park. I have gorgeous evergreen trees all over my backyard. Due to this I have a large supply of evergreen branches strewn about my property as well as pinecones. This year I thought I’d bring a bit of that gorgeous nature indoors for my dining table centerpiece.

I used a large birdcage, which was remnant from our wedding. (It was our card holder) and two second-hand vintage birdcages previously used as part of my Halloween party decor. A simple bold red runner provides bright and festive color. Inside the bird cages I arranged a variety of evergreen branches, pinecones, twigs, moss and red berries.

2 Responses

  1. That looks great! I have a couple of evergreen trees but I don’t want to cut limbs off of them. I need to plant some more!

  2. I just collect branched that had fallen. I don’t like to cut my trees either!

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