Resolutions You Can Actually Keep

Does anyone actually keep all their New Year resolutions? I would be most duly impressed to find someone who successfully does, unless that person resolves to do something like eat a piece of chocolate cake each day.

Here’s a few simple resolutions you can make this year that are relatively simple and can do some wonderful things to help the earth:

1. Recycle your ink cartridges. This sounds so simple yet not even 5% of ink cartridges are recycled. Some places will even give you money or discounts for turning in cartridges to be recycled.
2. Add vinegar and baking soda to your cleaning regimen. These two substances cost very little, are not nearly as damaging as some of the harsh chemicals in other cleaners and are surprisingly incredibly effective.
3. Go through your closets and other belongings and pull out anything you haven’t worn or used in a few months and put it in a box. Mark the box with the date. If you haven’t needed anything in the box in two months, donate it to charity.
4. Eat less processed food. No, it’s not a diet. Just make a point to try to buy more fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grain breads, and naturally raised meats. You find out you feel a lot healthier without the excess chemicals in your diet.
5. Bring your own bags when you go shopping. If you forget them frequently just always have a couple thrown in the trunk of your car.
6. Volunteer for at least one day. Just ONE day at least. You can do it! Pick any organization you think would be worthwhile from helping the homeless, to a building project, or spending time with kids. Imagine what would happen if everyone in the country volunteered to help out for just one day. Hey, depending on the organization you could even get a free day at Disney.

If you make any resolution this year, just resolve to do something positive and to actually do it! You don’t have to resolve to do something too difficult or too major, any little bit can help.
Happy New Year!
Happy Year of the Tiger!