It’s my anniversary! Win FREE advertising!

The contest is NOW OVER…I will be notifying the winners shortly and will post the results in a day or so. Good luck!

It’s almost the 3rd birthday of this blog.

From February 1, 2007I spent hours getting my jewelry web-site together. In doing so, I decided I’d really like to put up an art/fashion blog too. So here you go….a blog!

It’s grown a lot since 2007, but my original purpose has mostly remained the same. Though it has changed colors, layout and even names somewhat I still try to showcase great handmade art, share some of my studio spotlights, and write about what I find interesting in music, nature, fashion, design and sustainability with the hopes that it is interest and relevant to you too. For years, I’ve tried to offer Cleveland as well as international artists some exposure, and now I’m upping that exposure to another level.

For the first time ever I am giving away some FREE advertising.
3 winners will randomly be chosen to win free ad space for their etsy shop, or online web-site.
I will also choose a 4th winner based on my favorite idea for for this blog (which I may incorporate)
Winners will be contacted to send me 150X150 (.jpeg format please, and no animations) along with the URL they would like it linked with. It may look something like the following

The ad will begin February 1 and run for 3 MONTHS!!! (That’s a long time!)

Here’s the details on how you can win.

Leave a comment after this post and tell me:
1. What is your favorite thing about this blog? (Your favorite post, your favorite feature, etc..)
2. What would you like to see more of, if anything?

Be sure that you are able to leave your e-mail address, or shop address so I can contact you. The contest ends January 27th so be sure to get your entries in before the deadline.

**I will also give you an extra entry if you tweet or blog about this contest so just enter the link in the comment as well.

33 Responses

  1. Love the simplicity and elegance of your blog. (Much like your jewelry!) You don’t fill it up with stuff just to get another entry in. Also very easy to navigate.

    More sex, drugs and rock and roll? :~) Maybe talk about the processes you use to make your jewelry, which may bore anyone other than metalsmiths, but would be interesting to some.

  2. 1. What is your favorite thing about this blog? (Your favorite post, your favorite feature, etc..)
    The Sunday Sustainability Feature, especially the plantable paper stars. How cool is that?

    2. What would you like to see more of, if anything?
    Continue the nature, green, sustainability-themed desgn.

  3. 1. What is your favorite thing about this blog? (Your favorite post, your favorite feature, etc..) I love that your blog reflects so accurately the passion for what you do. There is something for everyone here, and I love looking at your creations.
    2. What would you like to see more of, if anything?
    Just keep it up. It’s inspiring!

  4. I love the Sunday Sustainability. I’m always interested in new ways to reuse items, and natural ways to keep my living area healthy.

    I love your photography! Your jewelry is beautiful and it’s fascinating to see the inspiration photos. I would love to see more of these inspiring places and images!

  5. I have enjoyed your blog from its beginnings. I like how you write so effortlessly. Also, I appreciate that it is “readable”. The backgrounds of so many blogs make them hard to read. Dark backgrounds are difficult to read. I think a successful blog is user friendly to all ages.

    I’m partial to your eco friendly, sustainable, organic feel throughout your process.

    I will twitter your contest too. Good luck to all! Ad on this blog would be awesome!

    Best to you this New Year,
    Jane Pierce of zJayne

  6. hi val! i love the friday features – maybe you can do more of those? and my favorite thing is your format – it’s simple to follow, great quick reads with lovely photos.

  7. I actually love everything about your blog. I love the diversity in your posts and how you seem to pull it all back to your own life and likes. I also love the simplicity of your layout and how easy it is to navigate. Very elegant and uncluttered 🙂

    Off to tweet it to my tweeps! But they better not win!!

  8. I loved the article on terraniums as I am an avid gardener. In particular, I love the artist interviews. They are both inspiring and though provoking for me. Keep up the great work..

    I tweeted your contest at:

    Great blog!

  9. I like The artist interviews section on your Blog ,I would like to read more about small business .

  10. You have a really great blog! I like that it’s easy to read, and the Resources for artsy and crafty types has some great links!

  11. I love your blog! It’s very clean and simple. When I read it it makes me feel relaxed!

    Please continue talking about eco friendly topics. It’s a very hot topic! 🙂

  12. 1. I love how easy it is to navigate. I’ll go to a lot of blogs and will be confused and end up leaving soon after. Yours has a great flow to the whole thing.

    2. Interviews! For some reason, I love interviews to learn about others in the same arena.

    Aside- Everytime I think of eco-friendly I think of Captain Planet, which was one of my favourite shows as a kid!

  13. I love Sunday Sustainability. You always find great products and clever tips.

    I’d love to see more links on your blogroll, because you obviously know where all the good stuff is online.

  14. LOVE the pictures! Very clear and easy to read!

    want to hear more about stay at home moms and their businesses.


  15. 1. What is your favorite thing about this blog? (Your favorite post, your favorite feature, etc..)
    – You promote green eco-friendly lifestyle, great!
    2. What would you like to see more of, if anything?
    – More beautiful photos of art and craft.

  16. I love the when you look at the page, your not overwhelmed. I would love to see more photos of crafts. Great blog,

  17. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by ValerieTyler on Etsy, eva. eva said: It's my anniversary! Win FREE advertising! « Valerie Tyler Designs: Though it has changed colors, layout an.. […]

  18. I really like the pictures on the blog, and the green lifestyle features. If I could change anything it would be more pictures of you personally or a little bit lighter layout on the side.

  19. 1 – I like the Freebies, Giveaways and Sales Feature

    2 – It’s a toss up between including the blog roll to find more good stuff and learning more about SAHM

    I’ll be tweeting this shortly.

  20. Social comments and analytics for this post…

    This post was mentioned on Twitter by zJayne: ValerieTyler’s offering great opp. to win free ad on quality blog SERIOUSLY don’t miss this!

  21. I just love how clean cut and elegant your blog is!

    Just keep on doing what you are doing. I love it the way it is!

  22. ooo~! pick me! *i hope i win!*

    (i love anything PINK!)

  23. i love blogs about natural things~!
    i’m a greenie from the nw 🙂

  24. I love that your blog is nature focused and well put together. It’s an easy read and eye candy!

    I can’t really suggest a change or addtion, as I really enjjoy it the way it is!


  25. I enjoy reading artist interviews and also living a handmade life. Of course everyone loves giveaways as well. Can’t think of ways to improve. I think you have a great variety.

  26. *sorry slipped and hit button too soon- please delete other post.

    1. What is your favorite thing about this blog? (Your favorite post, your favorite feature, etc..)
    this is my favorite feature so far.

    2. What would you like to see more of, if anything?
    More business tips aimed at etsy sellers

    I also love the layout of this blog.

    tweeted the giveaway
    “found a giveaway- 3 months free ad space

  27. HI!

    1 i like your idea,organic art is what I believe in as well and your simple but based-on nature jewels are beauties that I would wear every day, in every occasion they would be perfect.

    2 If art is art in general, then I would like to see some music! And if I win the contest ( you never know) i could advertise my songs,which I personally do only for art in itself,and not for money.

    speak soon!

  28. I like the Sustainability features. I’d like to see more like that, including sustainable agriculture/organic gardening/community gardening tips.
    Off to Tweet the giveaway. Happy Etsyversary!

  29. I’m tweeting about this blog post and free ad! Why you ask? Because it’s a pretty amazing offer. Seriously – thanks for making it available!

    tweet tweet

  30. I’m a relatively new reader but I like how your focus on nature and sustainability carries through all the topics you post. Hubby and I are big fans of the CVNRA – any posts about new things to do or ways to help out there are always appreciated!

    I also enjoy reading about other small business owners with a similar green focus, plus tips on what average consumers can do to achieve a more sustainable lifestyle.

  31. Hi,

    Since I am a visual person – my fave thing about this blog is your blog banner – your earrings look great and i like the forest image!
    In the same topic – i’d like to see more pictures on the side bars 🙂


  32. what’s not to like? there’s so many things I want to click!! Great ecclecticness. (word?)

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