Friday Favorite: Feathers!

I’m finally getting back to sharing some of my Friday favorites with you. This week I want to spotlight the gorgeous feather headbands by LovMely from Los Angeles.

I bought three before the holidays and have pretty much gotten non-stop compliments any time I have worn them. I love how they are so unique, and lend a lot of style (without having to go through tons of effort) I have long hair and bangs, but they’d look cute even on people with short little pixie cuts too! The shop includes a wide variety of colors and types of feathers, as well as clips and other cute hair items as well.

This black and white pheasant headband is one of the ones I purchased. It goes with just about anything, and is a nice eye-catching size.

JENNY, Black and White Pheasant Headband with Vintage Button, $15.00

Now, I’m considering getting one of these fabulous Peacock Feather headbands:

Ashley Peacock Feather Headband, $30

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  1. Oh I like those!

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