Sunday Sustainability: Earth Friendly Play

Take a moment to think about the last few toys you have bought your child (or neice, nephew, friend’s child etc..) What were those toys made of? Were they plastic? Did they require batteries? Did they come in tons of packaging? Could they break easily and would the child get bored with them after awhile.

We all know children frequently want whatever the latest toy craze is, and that stores are filled to the brim with enticing items, but what they really are filled to the brim with is future landfill material.

Many toys on the market today are not built to last the test of time, yet alone even last the child’s attention span.

Today’s tip:
*Look for well-made toys that will last through the years. Especially look for heirloom toys that may be passed from generation to generation.
*Encourage children to take care of their toys. Children have a lot of empathy for the condition of the earth, and when you present to them that they can help it by not wasting you are teaching them a lesson in responsibility.
*If children do get bored with or outgrow toys and you no longer wish to keep them, donate them to a school, charity or resell store instead of tossing them into the trash.

Here’s a few great toys that are much more environmentally friendly than plastic.

Natural Dinosaurs (set of 3), $30 by Happy Squash Toys

Pumpkin House Playset, $95.00 by Muddy Feet

Senet, and Ancient Egyptian Boardgame, $60 by Ancient Game Cupboard

Brown Corduroy Jacket for Blythe Doll, $15 by Pinkyjane