Thursday Theme: Yoga

Not too long ago I heard someone complaining about why everyone was into wearing yoga pants, who definitely probably had never done yoga in their lives.
I confess, I’m a rare yoga gal, but I do LOVE the clothes. (Of course I dance, and Yoga pants are perfect for that!)
Today’s theme Thursday focuses on some lovely Yoga related items. So whether you are an avid yoga lover, or just interested in the style there is likely to be something for you.

I usually love the yoga pants with a slight flair, but I though the cuffs and style of these pants were quite cute!
Charcoal Baggy Yoga Pants, $35 from Moonseats

Carry your yoga mat in style with a modern yoga bag.

Yoga Mat Bag, $18 by ChellaBellaDesigns

Remind yourself of your mantra

Zen Necklace, $14 by EmilinaBallerina

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