What Inspires Green Living?

There are many reasons to live greener lives, and there are countless sources telling us exactly how to do that.

Today I’d like to take a moment to ask you to sit back and think about when you were *really* inspired to live in a more sustainable manner. What inspired you the most? What is your core reason for doing so. Indeed, we live greener for a multitude of reasons, but what was your original impetus?

Did a desire for better health inspire you to eat more organic food, which in turn led you to a belief in farmers markets, organic gardening, and plant management?

Did a growing concern over our energy crises make you start turning off the lights, walk to work more frequently, and invest in alternative energy companies?

Perhaps your love of your children made you plant a tree with them, sponsor an animal protection program at the zoo, and make you clean up a playground.

One thing often leads to another, what was the first thing that made you step on the path?

If I did not include your original inspiration, by all means do share!

One Response

  1. With so many wonderful reasons, it was hard to pick just one!

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