Sunday Sustainability: Natural Cleaning Tips

It’s encouraging to see that many home product companies are finally hopping on the environmental bandwagon and making home cleaning products that are more friendly to the environment and less toxic. Perhaps this is because a larger majority of consumers have started to become very wary of the amount of chemicals in the products they are using. However, it really should be no secret that you can make your own cleaning products that are just as effective for far less money using some very basic ingredients.
All you really need to get you started is baking soda, white vinegar, and possibly some natural castile soap like Dr. Bronner’s, reusable cloths and spray bottles and you’ll have a major cleaning arsenal with numerous possibilities right at your fingertips.
Here you can download a handy little printable sheet of a few major natural cleaning recipesNatural Cleaning Tips

In addition to the printout here’s a few other tips to consider:

*To kill mold and mildew naturally try vinegar, grapefruit seed extract or tea tree oil.
*Sprinkle baking soda to freshen carpets.
*Simmer a few drops of essential oils in water on the stove for a natural air freshener.
*Use lemon and orange rinds to get rid of a stinky garbage disposal smell.
*Get rid of rust by using salt and lime juice(let it sit 1-2 hours) and a little elbow grease.
*Repel moths natural with a sachet of dried lavender or rosemary or cedar wood blocks.
*Use natural sponges and towels instead of synthetics and paper towels.
*To eliminate a large majority of dirt and dust in the home be sure to take those shoes off a the door!
*Remember baking soda and vinegar can be used in numerous ways to clean just about anything.

You can find a variety of wonderful renewable or earth friendly resources to help you clean such as these bamboo towels:

Bamboo Dish Cloths/Wash Cloths , $14.00 by SweetMemoriesQuilts on Etsy

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  1. My favorite…take your shoes off! I’ve always threatened to put a sign on the door. I’m really luck to have a porch/mud room area, but it ends up being a shoe graveyard. All the shoes for all four of us end up there. It makes a HUGE difference though.

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