Sunday Sustainability: Recycled Strand Scarves by EstelleShop

This week I don’t have a particular tip to share, other than to remind you that one of the best ways to take care of our environment is to buy recycled, repurposed and renewable items whenever possible.

What I DO want to share however is a shop I stumbled across on Etsy in my continual search for gorgeous organic, natural and recycled items.

Heather, the creator behind the scarves of Estelle Shop, uses entirely 100% repurposed material. They are eye-catching and comfy looking scarves, that really also could serve as necklaces as well. I love how they are so versatile and can be worn many ways, and additionally have a variety of colors in each, making them very easy to coordinate with different outfits.

I think my favorite is the scarf in shades of gray, maroon and white. Though if another color scheme strikes your fancy you are likely to find one to suit you in the shop as well.

Recycled Strand Scarf by Estelle Shop. $19.00

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  1. These are wonderful.

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