Getting Ready for Etsy Craft Day

It’s Etsy Craft Party Day! I offered to host the Cleveland Area / Cleveland Handmade Etsy Craft party at my home and it’s now just a few short hours away.

The decorating is almost done, the kitchen and food preparations are underway, and the guests will arrive in a few hours. Here’s a few party preview photos:

We have a lot of crafting planned, such using collage materials to make wall art, cards, book marks and artist trading cards. We also prizes and samples from Etsy for being one of the top 50 parties! Therefore we’re getting some screen printers and porcelain paints to play with too.

In addition a local craft supply company, Consumer Crafts donated many tote bags and a darice mini craft vacuum for each party attendee.

6 Responses

  1. You’re the best! Look at this colorful display! So inviting and fun fun fun ~

  2. oh my you are the super hostess and I can’t wait to be there in person…..thank you so much for doing this for all of us!!!

  3. Oh, it looks so festive!!
    Wish I could join you!

  4. What a super job you did preparing for this bash. Everything looks lovely – and what a nice yard you have. Have a great time; sorry I’m unable to attend.

  5. This looks so great, Valerie!
    Have a great time everyone!!

  6. It was a lovely party! Thank you so much Valerie!

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